Picky eater.. But willing to try things!

Hello blog readers, my name is Kelsea and I am a picky eater. You may think that being a picky eater means that I only eat bread and butter and refuse to let my food touch each other on the plate, but that is not true! If anything, being a picky eater as helped me expand my palette and seek out foods with different tastes, textures and smells that appeal to me. This is done by altering recipes, adding or changing ingredients with substitutions and discovering ways different foods can go together to make something I would enjoy eating. I am very interested in health and finding ways to “sneak in” ingredients to make a recipe healthier. Join me on my quest to try new recipes and learn from my experiences and mistakes. Each post I will be tackling a new recipe from different sources, I will give you a step by step on what I did, how it turned out, and what I would change or keep the same if I made the recipe again. We’re in this together! Happy cooking!